Other Products

We are a manufacturer of brass lamp accessories, tyre & tube valves, wire products such as wire basket, stainless steel springs, tactile markers in different shapes and designs, rubber products. Our components are highly regarded for their quality, design, and finish on the global market. Our company manufactures and exports other fitting accessories as well, we designed and supply product as per customer specification. 

Rubber Products

Rubber washer, rubber block, rubber matt, rubber O ring, rubber gaskets, plastic parts, plastic products

Tactile Markers

Tactile marker, tactile indicator manufacturer in India, round shape tactile, tactile in India exporter

Wire Products

stainless steel springs, & spring manufacturer.

Lamp Accessories

Brass lamp accessories, brass lamp parts

Tyre & Tube Valves

Brass Tyre valves, Tube Valves, & Tire Valves for bicycles 

Plastic Items

Plastic parts, Plastic products

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