Flexible Conduits and Fittings

We manufactures and exports high-quality flexible conduits and fitting accessories, conduit fittings, and pipe connectors & galvanized pipe fittings accessories, male & female bush, swivel connectors, fix connectors, Pvc coated steel flexible conduit, space bar distance saddles, male nipples, galvanized male hooks, junction boxes & pressed conduit boxes, female couplers, inspection tees and elbows with cover and screw, hook plates, Emt conduit fittings, junction box cover lids, milled edge lock rings, galvanized lock nut, die cast dome cover, flat and twisted crampets, Galvanized elbow. 

We offer a variety of well-designed Customized Flexible Conduit Fittings & accessories

Brass Fittings For Flexible Conduits

Male & Female Bush, Swivel Connectors, Brass Fix Connectors, Male Nipples, Hook Plates, Junction Boxes & Pressed Conduit Boxes, Female Couplers, Milled Edge Lock Rings, Galvanized Lock Nut, Die-Cast Dome Cover, Galvanized Elbow,  

Galvanized Conduit Fittings

Space Bar Distance Saddles, Galvanized Male Hooks, EMT Conduit Fittings, Junction Box Cover Lids, Inspection Tees and Elbows With Cover And Screw, Flat And Twisted Crampets, PVC Coated Steel Flexible Conduit

PVC Coated Steel Flexible Conduits

PVC Coated Steel Flexible Conduit

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