Earthing & Grounding Components

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Amarex Metal components are highly regarded for their quality, design, and finish on the global market. Our company manufactures, supplies, and exports high-quality earthing, grounding, and bonding accessories. We offer a variety of well-designed earthing accessories to protect employees and equipment from fault currents.

We supply earth rods, copper tapes, copper busbar, tape clamp & clips, rod clamp & clips, lighting arrester accessories, u bolt clamps, earth rod spikes, steel spikes, earth rod studs, grub screw, driving spikes, driving studs, GUV clamps, couplers, e- type clamp, tower earth clamp, water main pipe bond, rain water pipe bonds, earth bonding point, t type clamp, b bond, g type earth clamp, rod couplers & also customized as per drawing and samples

Steel Earthing & Grounding Accessories

Earth Rod Spikes or Driving Spikes, Earth Rod Studs or Driving Studs, Grub Screws, as well we make customized Spikes & Studs 

Lightning Arrester Components

Lightning Arrester Air Terminal Base, Lightning Rod Conductor, Multi-Point Air Terminal, Lightning Arrester Assembly

Rod Clamps & Clips

Rod To Conductor Saddle, Rod To Conductor Clamps, Rod To Lug Clamps, DC Rod Clip, Rod To Conductor Clamps (Heavy), O Type Earth Clamp, A Type Clamp Earth Clamp, We also make customized Conductor Clamps

U Bolt Clamps

U Bolt GUV Clamps, U Bolt E Type Clamp, Heavy U Bolt Clamp, We also make customized Clamps

Copper Conductors

Copper Rods, Copper Tape, Flexible Braid Bonds And Connectors, Copper Busbar

Tape Clamps & Clips

Oblong Test Clamps, Square Tape Clamps, Tape Clips, DC Tape Clip, Screw Down Round Test Clamps, or Test Bonds, as well we make customized Tape Clamps.   

Other Earthing & Grounding Accessories

Rod Couplers, Rain Water Pipe Bonds, Tower Earth Clamp, T Type Clamp, Earth Bonding Point, Water Main Pipe Bond, B Bond, G Type Earth Clamp, as well we make customized Clamps

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