Our company produces ferrous and non-ferrous metal components using precision machining, casting, forging, stamping, and extrusion. Our commitment to machine investments, instrumentation, and processes has enabled us to become a one-stop-shop for nonferrous components. World-class components are delivered at exceptionally competitive prices on time. Years of experience and a firm commitment to quality have helped us establish a name in the Brass & Non-Ferrous Markets worldwide.  

Our global supply chain includes countries such as the US, UK, Germany, and others. We are ready to serve anywhere in the world with our global standard material, best quality, and competitive rates.

Threads:  ISO Metric, EN, DIN, UNC, UN/UNF, UNS, NPT/NPTF, BSW, BSPT, BSPP, Metric Parallel & Trapped Threads.

Brass Fastener & Fittings

Bolts Nuts Industrial Fasteners India DIN 933 DIN 934, Threaded Fasteners Brass Stainless, Brass Inserts Brass Molding Inserts, Brass Hex Set Screws, Brass Wood Screws, Brass Hex Nuts, Brass Round Head Screws, Brass Eye Bolts, Brass Cheese Head Screws, Brass Cap Acorn Dome Nuts, Brass Pan Head Screws, Brass Studs Threaded Rods All threads, Brass CSK Head Screws, Brass Grub Screws Many More.

Casting & Forging Parts

Aluminium Bronze Foundry Castings Casting Parts Foundries , Copper Casting Copper Castings , Brass Buckles Brass Clips Brass Clamps , Brass Casting Brass Castings , Brass Copper Non Ferrous Gravity Die Casting Die Castings , Bronze Gunmetal Casting Casting , Copper Alloy Alloys Casting Castings Foundry India Foundries

Aluminum Bronze Parts

 Aluminum Bronze Parts, AB1, AB2 Parts manufacturer, Turned Parts, Brass Pressed Components, Sheet Metal Components Parts Work, Aluminium Copper Stamping Forging Stampings Forgings, Rubber Washers, Pool Cover Hardware Pool Cover Manufacturers, Hot Stamped Components, Washers Pressed Components & Many more


The Amarex company has established itself as a reliable supplier to OEMs, assemblers, and importers. We undertake specialist brass machining to customer specifications for short or long-run production runs. Our products include Brass Bushes, Spacers, Finials, and much more.

Cable Glands

Cable Gland Accessories,  Brass Split Bolt Connectors, Brass Wire Cable Connectors, Copper Cable Terminals, wiping glands, pg type cable gland, marine cable gland, CXT type cable gland, a1a2 cable glands, ss cable gland, bw3 part v cable gland, e1w cable gland, cable gland kit, CW cable gland, bw2 part cable glands, ip68 cable glands, Copper Compression Lugs Aluminium Compression Lugs Crimping Lugs & many more


The exclusive range of products includes Grounding & Bonding Products, Lightning Protection Systems, Rod Couplers, G Type Earth Clamp, Rain Water Pipe Bonds, Tower Earth Clamp, Oblong Test Clamps, Square Tape Clamps, U Bolt GUV Clamps, Rod To Conductor Saddle, Copper Rods, Copper Tape, Electrical Earthing – Electrical Wiring Products, and accessories.


 Copper Bonded Earth Grounding Rods, Brass Electrical Accessories, Electrical Components, Pre-Insulted Copper Terminals, Brass Battery terminals Copper Brass Battery Connectors,  Earth Blocks, Copper Brass Battery Terminals Battery Connectors, Bronze Copper Brass Grounding Clamps Grounding Connectors & many more


Amarex provides Brass Fittings for connecting flexible electrical conduits to rigid metallic conduits. Male & Female Bush, Swivel Connectors, Fix Connectors, Galvanized Male Hooks, Junction Boxes & Pressed Conduit Boxes, EMT Conduit Fittings, Inspection Tees and Elbows With Cover And Screw, PVC Coated Steel Flexible Conduit the two general types of fittings. The fittings come in a variety of thread types like ISO Metric, PG, ET, and BSP.  


Brass Sanitary Fittings, Pipe Clamps , Brass Compression Fittings , Brass Pipe Fittings , Brass Plumbing Fittings , Brass Stainless Steel Couplings Connectors Couplers , Brass Stainless Steel Elbows Tees Hydraulic Fittings , Brass Stainless Steel Tube Fittings , Pipe Clamps Brass Pipe Clamps, Pipe Fittings Brass Stainless Steel Pipe fittings & Many more

Marine Hardware Fittings

Our company is a leading supplier of marine hardware, including, 45 Degree Bronze Elbows, 45 Degree Bronze Street Elbows, Standard Rudders , High-Speed Rudders , Brass Barrel Bolt, Bow Eyes, Brass D Shackle, Bronze Boarding Steps, Bronze Cockpit Scupper,  90 Degree Bronze Pipe to Hose Adapters,  Bronze Struts, Bronze Turn Buckle, Bronze Rudder Collars, Bronze Coupling Reducers, Bronze Couplings, and various boat plumbing parts, electrical supplies,


Brass Copper Pressings Press Work Pressed Parts Manufacturers  , Brass Turned Components Brass Turned Parts , Brass Pressed Parts  , Brass Washers Copper Washers , Washers Pressed Components , Pressed Components  , Turned Parts Brass Turned Parts  , Turned Components Brass Turned Components & many more

Brass Transformer Parts

We supply transformer metal bushing parts, LV & HV Bushing parts, complete set of accessories such as bushing support ring, clamp ring, gasket, clamps, sealing washers,  arching horn, bolts, nuts, spring washer, spade terminals, transformer lugs, bolted in terminal lugs, brass and bronze parts, transformer assembly parts, spades, earth rods, copper tapes, copper busbar, rod clamp & clips, lighting arrester accessories,


Furniture screw, Brass furniture screw ,Brasshinges ,Hinges ,Chromeplated ,Brass chrome plated
,Coffeetray ,Bathroom fitting ,Bathroom accessories ,Furniture and bathroom accessories, brass hinges suppliers in usa,  marlboro manufacturing, l hinges, mcmaster carr, door hinges, hinges price Brass Hinge, all type of hinge manufacturer, india.


Brass Copper Pressings Press Work Pressed Parts Manufacturers  , Brass Turned Components Brass Turned Parts , Brass Pressed Parts  , Brass Washers Copper Washers , Washers Pressed Components , Pressed Components  , Turned Parts Brass Turned Parts  , Turned Components Brass Turned Components & many more

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Our company manufactures ferrous and non-ferrous metal threaded inserts for automotive, plastic, electrical & wiring case assemblies, and communication equipment. To meet the voluminous demand of our giant OEMs around the world, we offer various kinds of brass inserts. We provide the best quality to our discerning customers from the UK, Germany, USA, Australia, Canada, etc. : Fasteners | Brass Inserts Manufacturer exporter India, Brass Inserts, Copper Inserts, Stainless Steel Inserts, Inserts, Bolts, customized Inserts MFG | Customized OEM Metal Parts Productions India, Acorn Nuts Fasteners Manufacturer | Brass Nuts Manufacturer exporter India, Brass Nuts & Bolts, Copper Nuts & Bolts, Stainless Steel Nuts, Nuts & Bolts, Bolts, Nuts Customized OEM Metal Parts Productions India,