Furniture & Bathroom Fittings

We manufacturer furniture fittings, and bathroom fittings, we make components are highly regarded for their quality, design, and finish on the global market. Our company manufactures, supplies, and exports furniture and bathroom fitting accessories, Such as standard & non-standard stainless steel hinges, brass hinges, chrome plated bathroom fittings, door handles, door knobs, & coffee trays, we designed and supply product as per customer specification. 

Stainless Steel & Brass Hinges

Butt Hinge, Barrel Hinge, Piano Hinges, Butterfly Hinges, Flush Hinges, Pivot Hinges, Spring Hinge, Gate Hinge, Back Flap Hinge, Parliament Hinge, Rise and Fall Hinge, Flag Hinge, Card Table Hinges, Soss And Barrel Hinges, Strap Hinge, Tee Hinge, Euro Hinge, Quadrant Hinge, Lid Stay, Flap Stay, Door or Window Stay, we also make customized Brass Hinges as per Drawing or Samples

Chrome Plated Bathroom Fittings

Soap Holders, Soap Dispensers, Towel Holders, Towel Racks, Bathroom Drain Covers, Drain Plugs, Shower Drains & Wash Basin Strainers

Furniture Handle and Knobs

Brass Door Handles, Brass Door Knobs

Coffee Tray

Coffee Trays

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